Our corporate history:

From Reifen Gundlach to Best4Tires

Like every good origin story, Best4Tires began life in a garage. In 1973 Heinrich Gundlach established Reifen Gundlach, which, under the name Best4Tires, is one of today’s most important full-service providers of tires, complete wheels, rims, TPMS and accessories. The courage to innovate and a unique sense of the market's needs can be seen in the ever improving standards as a service and solutions provider of tires, rims and complete wheels.

Best4Tires GmbH’s corporate history


Reifen Gundlach established

Big ideas often start small: Heinrich Gundlach establishes Reifen Gundlach as a family business and a real cottage industry, although he actually works in his garage.

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