To improve driving safety, tire pressure monitoring systems have been mandatory in new registrations since 2014. To ensure that tires, rims and sensors are all compatible with each other, it is best to rely on professionals. Best4Tires has years of experience and high-level expertise when it comes to TPMS. Advice and sales from a single source!

TPMS stands for tire pressure monitoring system. It improves safety and ensures high stability as well as optimal breaking distance. TPMS are required by law for new registrations. Indirect systems use information about wheel speeds, while direct systems use their own sensors. Best4Tires supplies complete wheels with an active pressure gauge or individual sensors.

Finished complete wheels:

On request, we supply cost-effective complete wheels with pre-installed air pressure sensors for active TPMS.

TPMS sensors:

We cover almost 99% of the global range of approved tire pressure sensors if you need a specific product.

TPMS programmers:

Best4Tires supplies sensor relearn programming devices for on-board electronics. You can therefore easily mount complete wheels supplied by us with active RDKS sensors.

Practical advice:

Our consultants are specialists – talk to knowledgeable customer advisors who have day-to-day experience of TPMS: Best4Tires is your full-service, TPMS provider.

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Enjoy the benefits of Best4Tires! As a B2B customer, garages, car dealerships and tire retailers can register in just a few minutes. You will then be able to benefit from our long-standing experience, high-level expertise, direct connection to manufacturers as well as perfect Best4Tires logistics when you order a TPMS.

TPMS ready
Every complete wheel, rim and tire carrying the "TPMS ready” logo is compatible with TPMS, including our exclusive rim brands OXXO Alloy Wheels, Advanti Racing and Enkei. Just look for the logo!

Perfect logistics

In Germany, we have our own fleet of around 190 delivery vans, and across Europe we have offices in Sweden, Hungary, Slovakia, the Netherlands and Austria. Furthermore, our products are available in many other countries.

Comprehensive service

As a full-service provider and liaison between manufacturer and dealer, we supply everything you need. From sensor allocation lists to a personal contact for bespoke, professional customer advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the most common questions about TPMS as well as details on how to install and use a TPMS.

  • The abbreviation TPMS stands for tire pressure monitoring system and helps the driver to quickly see if a tire’s pressure deviates too much from specifications.

  • The sensors for a direct TPMS are either placed in the valve of the tire or stuck in it (for example, Continental’s REDI sensors)

  • Direct TPMS work using pressure measurement sensors in the tires. The control unit compares these values with stored recommendations and warns the driver if necessary.

    Indirect systems determine if pressure is correct through the tire’s movement. This happens by monitoring the speed or vibrations of the tire, for example.

  • If the tires are replaced, a programming device is used for sensors to relearn the TPMS. This should only be undertaken by an expert.

  • No, this does not affect the choice of tire. The exception: Run-flat tires. These must be fitted with a TPMS.

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