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Best4Tires Your service partner

  • Best4Tires is the experienced partner for both the tire industry and vehicle manufacturers.

  • With decades of expertise in tires, rims, and complete wheels, Best4Tires is one of the leading suppliers worldwide.

  • Thanks to our in-house complete wheel production and perfect logistics, Best4Tires supplies garages, car dealerships and tire retailers to the highest standards.

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  • Own fleet for fast delivery

  • Multilingual, competent customer service

  • Direct line via innovative B2B online shop

  • More than 50 years of experience in tire wholesaling

  • More than 10,000 products directly in stock

Best4Tires – Perfection in tires, rims & complete wheels

Anyone who deals in tires and rims, equips vehicles, or manages entire fleets needs a service partner who delivers quickly and reliably at the right price. Best4Tires represents absolute performance and expertise. Building on decades of experience, we offer perfection in logistics for garages, car dealerships and tire retailers as well as outstanding service for the best results.

Redefining tire wholesale

Ever since 1973, we have aimed to provide the best possible B2B business solutions. Over almost 50 years, we have perfected our range of products for the tire and garage trade, vehicle manufacturers and car dealerships. As a global innovator, Best4Tires leads the way in the wholesale of tires, rims, complete wheels and TPMS. With the Best4Tires brand, we are taking this long tradition forward and, as a digital service and solution provider, we are successfully creating an optimized range that is perfectly adapted to the actual needs of the market. From tire retailers and garages to car dealerships, more than 33,000 customers already rely on the exceptional performance and services of Best4Tires – your B2B tire specialist.

A range covering more than 20 tire manufacturers as well as rims and complete wheels

Best4Tires is your full-range supplier with our own distribution network. We supply the market with tires from well-known manufacturers, including the exclusive GT Radial and Radar Tyres brands.

Personal, expert service

Our team knows what you want. Thanks to perfect logistics and optimum service, Best4Tires guarantees a high rate of customer satisfaction and fast delivery.

Decades of experience

Founded in 1973, we have been supplying specialist dealers with tires, rims and complete wheels for decades. As your B2B partner, Best4Tires drives the market with an innovative range and completely digitalized services.

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World of Brands

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