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On Tuesday, October 3rd, we are not able to deliver your orders due to the national German holiday. All orders placed between Saturday, September 30th, 12:30 o’clock and Tuesday, October 3rd, 18:30 o’clock will be delivered on Wednesday, October 4th.
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Brand of the week

Continental – German engineering and precision

Continental has been a professional partner in innovative, reliable, and high-performance tires for passenger cars, trucks and special vehicles since 1871.

For more than 150 years, Continental has focused on one goal: To produce tires characterized by excellent braking performance, maximum safety and pure driving pleasure. Over 190,000 employees at more than 550 locations in more than 60 countries worldwide develop and work on this goal.

The company’s innovative spirit was already evident in its early years when Continental developed the first tire with a tread pattern as well as the first tubeless tire. Today, maximum safety with minimal rolling resistance is the top priority for our development engineers.

About the Continental brand

As one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers, Continental is known for producing safe, efficient and performance-oriented tires.

Continental secures its leading position by continuing to invest in research and development. This results in virtues such as care, precision and efficiency, which ensure that the automotive supplier has been ranked the highest in 78 percent of tire tests since 2007. And it is just one of the reasons why in 2022 almost one in three cars in Europe were delivered with Continental tires. The designations EcoContact, AllSeasonContact, VanContact, UltraContact stand for exceptional quality and performance.

For business customers, Continental tires, which combine exceptional performance with the highest level of safety and comfort, are available at Best4Tires at an affordable price.

More facts about Continental

Continental ensures security with state-of-the-art technology
Continental tires have various features to make your journey safer or simply more comfortable and relaxed. These include:

  • ContiSeal: Seals 80% of all tire damage to ensure you can immediately continue your journey

  • Runflat tires (SSR): Even after a puncture, the self-supporting tires allow further travel of up to 80 kilometers

  • ContiSilent: This technology reduces the disturbing parts of the rolling noise by up to 9 dB(A)

Continental is a strong partner for market leaders

  • Continental & ADAC: Since 2017, both companies have been partners in the field of “improved driving safety”. Driver safety training is offered at eleven ADAC locations, amongst other things

  • Adidas & Continental: Adidas shoes with Continental soles for competitions, hiking and mountaineering

  • Continental & tuning partners plus events: The well-known tuning partners with which Continental cooperates include, for example ABT, AC Schnitzer, BRABUS and many more

Continental as a sponsorship partner

  • Tour de France: Many teams rely on handmade bicycle tires from Continental, and the official vehicles also use a special tire, the PremiumContact 6

  • Hanover 96: Support for Bundesliga team Hanover 96 – including tires for the tour bus

  • Continental is the official partner of the German national soccer teams. In this role, Continental will accompany the men's national team, the U 21 and the women's national team at all matches in the future since 2023. A partnership that focuses on innovation, performance and passion.

The summer tires

Continental summer tires are characterized by their stability, precision in steering and outstanding driving characteristics. Continental tires offer excellent road-holding and braking performance in dry conditions, heat and rain. Special rubber compounds, such as Black Chili technology, consistently enable top performance.

For business customers, Continental tires, which combine exceptional performance with the highest level of safety and comfort, are available at Best4Tires at an affordable price.

Continental summer tires
SportContact 7
Relive performance.
  • Trust the all-round steady handling on wet and dry roads.

  • Enjoy long-lasting driving pleasure thanks to the perfect interaction of the extra-soft BlackChili compound and extra-rigid profile.

  • Experience the typical SportContact™ feel, tailored to different vehicle classes.

PremiumContact 7
Safety has never felt better.
  • Experience safe handling on wet and dry roads thanks to the adaptable tread pattern

  • Enjoy safety and comfort regardless of vehicle type and drive type

  • Rely on safe braking right from the start – thanks to our RedChili tire compound

EcoContact 6
Discover more. With a tire that needs less.
  • Benefit from low fuel consumption.

  • Keep moving forward with high mileage.

  • Master every route with reliable grip and handling.

SportContact 6
Sportiness meets security.
  • Experience reliable grip on wet and dry roads.

  • Feel the full force of your tires every turn.

  • Enjoy outstanding stability and braking performance even at high speeds.

PremiumContact 6
Definitely comfortable.
  • Experience reliable braking performance in any summer weather.

  • Enjoy a comfortable ride thanks to the safe contact surface.

  • Stay in control with advanced profile design.

Designed to achieve more goals.
  • Enjoy excellent mileage thanks to the new YellowChili compound.

  • Rely on the high load capacity thanks to the robust UltraShield design.

  • Experience impressive performance in wet conditions and the comfort of low driving noise.

The winter tires

With Continental, cars travel safely through the winter, even in snow, ice and slippery conditions. This is ensured by the specially developed coarse profiles and three-dimensionally designed fins as well as the rubber compounds, which remain flexible even in extreme cold conditions, thereby ensuring adhesion. Wintry road conditions will never be a challenge again.

For business customers, Continental tires, which combine exceptional performance with the highest level of safety and comfort, are available at Best4Tires at an affordable price.

WinterContact TS 870 P
Show winter the cold shoulder.
  • Enjoy control in any winter weather with the intelligent finned concept.

  • Benefit from impressive wet handling thanks to our innovative CoolChili™ compound.

  • Enjoy long mileage and low rolling resistance with low fuel consumption.

WinterContact TS 870
It’s actually just black rubber. Until the streets turn white.
  • Stay cool: Stay in control on snowy roads.

  • Stay on track: Optimized handling* for aquaplaning and wet braking.

  • Stay on track: Thanks to reduced fuel consumption*, there is no journey too far.
    *Compared to the predecessor WinterContact™ TS 860.

WinterContact TS 860 S
Ice-cold performance
  • Excellent snow performance for exceptional driving pleasure

  • Reliable braking performance for a high level of safety in winter

  • Excellent dry handling for impressive steering precision

All-weather tires

Continental combines the best of both worlds with its all-season tires: The tires have enough flexibility to cope with snow and ice in the winter, as well as searing heat in the summer. They always provide grip and short braking distances, on dry roads as well as in wet, snow and ice.

For business customers, Continental tires, which combine exceptional performance with the highest level of safety and comfort, are available at Best4Tires at an affordable price.

There are four seasons and a tire that doesn’t care.
  • Stay in control when seasons change.

  • Rely on reliable braking performance and impressive grip.

  • Rely on excellent driving efficiency.

Continental AllSeasonsContact 2
AllSeasonContact 2

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