Vredestein recall

Important update: Vredestein is recalling tires with the production date DOT 09/2024. If you have purchased such tires from us, please contact Vredestein directly to clarify everything else. Any costs incurred by you, such as for fitting, will of course be reimbursed.

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Michelin – Life in motion

Since 1889, Michelin has ensured safe, enjoyable and sustainable mobility in road traffic. Reliable, clean and economical transport – this is what the French tire manufacturer stands for.

For more than 130 years, Michelin has been implementing the vision of Edouard and André Michelin: Mobility, as simple, safe and comfortable as possible. Around 127,000 people around the world work on this at 67 tire production sites in 17 countries. The success is reflected in 200 million tires produced annually (2018).

Michelin is a manufacturer of premium tires. This is reflected in the excellent properties. For example, MICHELIN tires still meet high standards of safety and performance, even with low residual tread. A hallmark is also the long service life. To this end, Michelin invests in innovations such as MaxTouch construction or the EverGrip technology.

About the Michelin brand

Michelin’s innovative and durable products not only protect customers' budgets, but also help to protect the environment.

This is not least why Michelin is a benchmark partner for industry. Forward-looking technologies and research ensure that the French group has been one of the leading tire manufacturers worldwide for many decades. This also benefits sustainability; a core value of the company. For example, MICHELIN tires are expected to consist of 40% sustainable raw materials in 2030 and 100% by 2050.

For business customers, Michelin tires, which combine performance with durability, comfort, and safety, are available at Best4Tires at an affordable price.

More facts about Michelin
  • Porsche and Michelin have been developing tires together for many years that are precisely tailored to the needs of Zuffenhausen sports cars. They can be identified by the N-marking and meet criteria that go far beyond the legal requirements.

  • For around 50 years, Michelin and Ferrari have been working together to develop innovative solutions – because every sports car can only achieve its maximum performance with the right tires. This is why Michelin is the official tire supplier for the new Ferrari 296 GTB, both on the road and on the race track.

  • The cooperation between BMW M and Michelin has lasted for more than 30 years. This applies to motorsport as well as to the role of the French tire manufacturer as an original equipment manufacturer. That is why the official tire partnership with the BMW M Driving Experience has been in place since 2019.

  • Both Mercedes-AMG and Michelin have a clear vision of mobility. This combination results in the common pursuit of the highest quality and perfection.

    • Sustainable materials: By 2050, Michelin tires are to be made of 100% sustainable materials

    • Recycling: Complete recycling of all Michelin manufactured tires

    • Investments in recycling: Research into high-tech recycling technologies

    • Raw materials on biological basis: Research and partnerships for the extraction of sustainable raw materials

  • Michelin proves its premium quality in the winter and all-season tire sector with a series of test successes.

    Three MICHELIN tires won a test victory:

    • the MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 (AUTO BILD, 225/45 R17)

    • the MICHELIN CrossClimate 2 SUV (Auto Bild Allrad, 235/65 R17)

    • the MICHELIN Pilot Alpin 5 (AUTO Bild, 225/45 R18).

    The CrossClimate 2 was also named "Green Tire". In addition, the MICHELIN Pilot Alpin 5 SUV was rated "recommendable" by ACE and the MICHELIN Alpin 6 (205/60 R 16, 225/45 R17) was rated "good" by ADAC.

The summer tires

Reliability in hot or rainy summer weather: This is made possible by the outstanding braking performance and grip technologies of the Michelin summer tires. Combined with a high mileage and sufficient reserves, even with a low residual profile, they offer an optimal driving experience.

For business customers, Michelin tires, which combine performance with durability, comfort and safety, are available at Best4Tires at an affordable price.

Car tires
Michelin’s most environmentally conscious tire for passenger cars
  • Particularly suitable for hybrid and electric vehicles as well as environmentally conscious combustion engine drivers

  • Low rolling resistance, high durability

  • Strong grip, high braking performance in wet conditions, uncompromisingly safe

Primacy 4 +
Durable, safe and high performance
  • Particularly safe summer tires, even with increasing mileage

  • High mileage and durability (MaxTouch construction)

  • Strong braking performance in wet conditions, noticeable aquaplaning control

Pilot Sport 5
Next-generation sporty summer tire
  • High-performance tires with high reactivity

  • High mileage and durability

  • Optimum grip and strong braking performance, in dry and wet conditions

Pilot Sport EV
Tires for performance and driving pleasure, especially for electric vehicles
  • High-performance tires with optimum control, even in the high-speed range

  • Safe, comfortable, low rolling resistance, even with increasing mileage

  • Optimal control and grip, even on wet surfaces

4x4/SUV tires
Pilot Sport 4 SUV
Premium summer tires for SUV
  • Grip and stick on dry surfaces

  • Short braking distances, even in wet conditions

  • Comfortable and durable, thanks to the robust SUV profile

The winter tires

Whether for winter days out, on the way to a skiing holiday in the mountains or simply snow-covered roads: Michelin winter tires offer safety and reliability thanks to exceptional braking performance and reliable traction on snow. The high mileage benefits your customers as well as the environment.

For business customers, Michelin tires, which combine performance with durability, comfort and safety, are available at Best4Tires at an affordable price.

Car tires
Alpin 6
Winter tires with a focus on your safety
  • Excellent grip, even in the wet and snow

  • High mileage, durability and economy

  • Outstanding traction, even with increasing mileage

Pilot Alpin 5
Best performance for high performance driving
  • Safe through short braking distances – recommended by premium car manufacturers

  • Extremely high mileage, durability and economy

  • Best control and extreme precision in snow and wet conditions

SUV tires
Pilot Alpin 5 SUV
Premium winter tires for SUVs
  • High grip on snow for best handling

  • Side panels reinforced for high mileage

  • Outstanding braking performance on snow and protection against aquaplaning

All-weather tires

Regardless of the season, drivers benefit from short braking distances on dry and wet roads with Michelin all-season tires. High traction is a real plus in safety on snowy surfaces. This way, customers combine a safe driving experience with the savings of changing tires that are no longer necessary.

For business customers, Michelin tires, which combine performance with durability, comfort and safety, are available at Best4Tires at an affordable price.

Car tires
CrossClimate 2
All-season tires for any weather situation
  • Reliable traction and good braking performance on snow

  • High mileage, low rolling resistance

  • Convincing in dry and wet conditions, in heat and cold conditions

SUV/4x4 tires
CrossClimate 2 SUV
High-performance all-season tires for SUVs
  • Impressive performance, even with increasing mileage

  • Durable tread pattern for wet and snow

  • Excellent braking performance, whether dry, wet, hot, or cold

Light truck tires
CrossClimate Camping
All-weather tires for motorhomes
  • Suitable for driving on snow

  • Good braking and grip in wet and dry conditions

  • Robust construction for long parking

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