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Vredestein – Premium tyres with the best price-performance ratio

Since 1909 Vredestein has grown to become a leading company in the production of tyres. The products of the manufacturer stand out for their outstanding tyre design, top performance and perfect driving experience.

As a premium brand, Vredestein can look back on more than 110 years of tradition. The product range of the company, which has Dutch roots, not only includes bicycle and car tyres for end users but also offers tyres for industrial and agricultural applications. A significant proportion of the products in the car sector have been designed by Italdesign Giugiaro near Turin. Since 2009 Vredestein has belonged to Indian tyre producer Apollo Tyres, supplying both to the replacement market and to prestigious vehicle manufacturers.

About the Vredestein brand

Vredestein has set itself a goal: to offer premium tyres with the best price-performance ratio.

To this end, the R&D department combines the experience of over 110 years of craftsmanship in the development and production of tyres with the latest technology and sophisticated design. The products are tested comprehensively on the roads of Europe, such as in Alpine road tests. As such, Vredestein is constantly improving the performance of its products and developing new generations of tyres to push the boundaries of tyre design.

And it is succeeding: the results of this work – premium tyres for top performance – regularly achieve top results in independent, international tyre tests. Vredestein is therefore maintaining its well-known reputation for innovative, outstanding, all-season, summer and winter tyres.

Further exciting topics from Vredestein

Manchester United

The partnership between Vredestein and Manchester United can be seen in the logo of the tyre manufacturer at home games of the team. The partnership raises awareness of Vredestein with partners and customers all over the world.

Mille Miglia

Vredestein is the main sponsor and official tyre partner of Mille Miglia, the famously named, historic, prestigious motor race in the world of classic cars. Vredestein has long been a key part of the world of classic tyres. This is reflected in the strong product range of tyres developed specifically for classic cars.

German Golf Association

Apollo Vredestein is the official partner to the sport of golf in Germany. This gives the manufacturer exclusive, comprehensive brand visibility – both for all events and for the digital channels of the association and the German Golf League.

Summer tyres

Vredestein is your partner for summer tyres. The tyres have a special profile, which optimises the contact of the rubber with the road. This improves vehicle traction and braking behaviour.

The summer tyres from the Dutch manufacturer stand out for their excellent performance in the dry and the wet. Furthermore, they are exceptionally comfortable, have high mileage performance and thus ensure low fuel consumption.

Vredestein summer tyres
A completely new driving experience
Ultrac Vorti +
Control and precision – more sporty than ever
Ultrac Vorti R+
Top performance for your sports car

Winter tyres

Vredestein winter tyres are the safe choice in the cold season. The specially designed profile has ribs that are notched, so that they form sharp edges with the tread block. The tyres therefore tilt better with the snow, and this effect is aided by the wider, more open grooves. These also ensure that water can run off better. [Text wrapping break]The treads are made of a special rubber compound, which remains soft and supple even at low temperatures. This improves the vehicle handling and braking behaviour.

Vredestein winter tyres
Constant performance on winter roads
Wintrac Pro
Exceptional, comprehensive winter suitability for the highest-performance vehicles

All-weather tyres

Since it entered the market for all-weather tyres in the early 1990s, manufacturer Vredestein has been a pioneer in this product sector. The expertise of the development department in the area of winter and summer tyres facilitates top performance in all the relevant disciplines.

With available tyre sizes from 13 to 22 inches, Vredestein supplies one of the most extensive product ranges in the area of all-season tyres. These offer performance that is both balanced and accurate, in dry, wet or slippery conditions. At the same time, they protect the environment and the wallet with low wear and roll resistance.

Vredestein all-weather tyres
The tyre for all weather conditions
  • The best Vredestein tyre for any season

  • Low roll resistance and high wear resistance

  • Reduces the environmental impact

Quatrac Pro
Robust aesthetics, balanced performance
  • Excellent grip on all surfaces

  • Optimised for asphalt

  • Robust for off-road capability

Quatrac Pro EV
The first all-season tyre in Europe that copes better with the characteristics of your electric or hybrid vehicle
  • The first all-season tyre designed for electric vehicles

  • A lower noise level for greater travel comfort in quiet electric vehicles

  • Increased range for electric and hybrid vehicles

Robust aesthetics, balanced performance
  • Excellent grip on all surfaces

  • Optimised for asphalt

  • Robust for off-road capability

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